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Be Fated God

In for the place where the history leads it to

             A Religion Wall and a Human Future - Introduction

     The Toroia remain excavation of Heirich Schliemann has done in the late 19th century have been given the mental European world a severe shock. Now, it is a common fact as known in Japan. Anyway, it was astound them that he found the castle where there was a beautiful Queen Helen over the fall of a Toroia castle in Iliad. Moreover, at the European families, it was true having a talk from a parent to a child in bed. Besides, it was to amaze what was found to treasures of shine brilliantly at Toroia. It was full of a voice for praise all over the East and West.
     However, it was not only a voice of praise, but also criticism and a storm of slander for Schliemann fell continuously again. It continued troubling him throughout the life ever since. This slander spared no pains. What he said to have been excavated in Toroia is no existence at all, was a statement that announces a curator of Athen museum. It looks on suspiciously him with distrust from the respective profession for his work by then, wonder if "Is he a first-class swindler?" As they were uptight about him, their face worked fiercely. Finally, Botticher of military retirement captain, the person who never knows in the archeology world, made him a name reputation by obstinate opinion of "Schliemann Attack" and "Toroia non-capital city (or an ancient graveyard)." In addition, Botticher's suggestion supported by famous scholars.
     Of course, he argued daringly this. In the end, he was accompanied with Botticher to the Toroia remains as a debater, and discussed a question at here in public. Thus, this action was excellent, but it was only natural to think that he spoiled greatly time of himself to challenge for the new ancient remains excavation. This fact was a big loss for the human. By believe in Schliemann for us, there was a sense to think that even though such a stress had done not torment him, he could have continued to excavate more ancient remains by seventy generations hale and hearty. At all event, todays that times are finally catching up with Schliemann, evaluation of his work to date was already settled worthwhile, and we never look on upon him as a swindler.
     Now we find it hard to understand that he attacked to gift with a rare liar by various people, and endured the fickleness of public opinion, which I think that he had must have been put his speak ill of what buy a curio store for precious artifact at Toroia. Besides, to make matter worse that most of them never watch Toroia remain, what means the act of Establishment of European Academic Circle to support Botticher for Schliemann attacker as an agitator with any reason.

     A tentative answer for this context is easy. In a word, the fact that Toroia remain is found him take a direct hit to lose face for European classic studies. The European classic studies are the main object of epic poem on Iliad and Odyssey to attribute for Homer reciting with his eyes closed in Ancient Greek. In addition, it is a fiction and epoch for Trojan War described in Iliad as serious historical event in Greek-Turkey giving a lecture on a traditional classicist.
"Troy and Trojan War were consigned to the realms of legend."
(For example, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Troy)

     It is entirely different historical fact as the literature of Greek. This conception is universally acknowledged the tradition opinion for a scholar of authority in a European university of each lecture. They are an authority of an authority.
     Then, they disgraced themselves to beat a layman's way of thinking of an earthy to a pulp up for Schliemann inwardly. Even hitherto, in the Europe the classic studies are a cold attitude for Schliemann's work to date. It is difficult to convince scholars that there is a historical fact for Toroia and Trojan War without a re-excavation and re-investigation by American Archaeology Terms. However, can it be right to satisfy their self-nature at the expense of Schliemann? Meanwhile recognition has no significance for Schliemann's work, I think that they have a deep reason to deny Schliemann's work to date publicity. Unsuspecting, Schliemann's work is vitally important by being beyond the purview of most of the classic studies, because it no recognizes the mainly people.

     It is a key question to logic for Schliemann's work of the Toroia remain excavation. None of legend and tradition with Iliad is fantastic. It is evidence that a framework of story in Iliad has a hard historical fact in the basic senses. Of course, each of the stories has no show "a historical facts," for example whether a story of an apple and a wooden horse or beautiful woman Helen and Paris escape to Greek are fact. Nevertheless, we have no doubt that Trojan War is a hard historical fact in large quantity sieges to Toroia City through a fusion of various stories in terms of history. The Greek myths are evolutionary for legends.
     Similarly in Japan, it is doubtful to be a historical fact that Heike Monogatari (The Tale of the Heike) describes an epoch. But, a framework of A Tale of Heike is a hard historical fact that it is a desperate struggle for Genzi and Heike, and the fall of Heike's downfall (A.D.1185).
     And similarly as Iliad too, a framework of all legend and tradition in world each has a hard historical fact the same, for example, Iraq, Iran, India, China, and other countries. l suspect for it. By the way, this conception raises a question.
"No, no, no! You did it wrong. It is a historical fact in Iliad only physically possible. That's out of the question, cut it out. There is an imaginary story all over the world story out of Iliad. The whole thing is nonsense. I 've had it"

     In no case should one declare for it in the right. On the contrary, all of the stories in legend have a framework of a hard historical fact as well as Iliad. It will be nobody possible to deny such a possibility. This idea is not self-willed but also natural. This conception is the logical significance that the Toroia remain excavation of Heirich Schliemann has done. His conception is so large that it prefers into every branch of historical scene.

     Fundamentally the framework of a European mental world has been a conception as follows.

"It is a reliable information in Bible only. Neither a Bible is a bad book to read."

     This concept is the logic of necessity. But by contrast for all people and nations, legends and traditions each have a text of an origin of the universe and a birth of human with a various method. As if all of legends each have a framework of a hard historical fact same as Bible, we should have solemnity for structure of a hard historical fact in human mind. Consequently, each of us can provide insight into human the fountainhead and development.
     In that case, it is conceivable that we can restore a large number of memories from legend and tradition. Just in time, Greek pass on it, Syrian imparts it, Egyptian hand down it. If it could watches for an event from a number of viewpoint on which Herodotus insisted, we should have a respect a high regard for these records in the future. However, a story of Bible equals out a story of another chronicle the same time. Therefore, it is an inevitable fact that a text of Bible is one of the legend texts in the world. Namely, Bible is a local history, and one of them. Accordingly in the world, a conception which Schliemann gave more attention to excavate at Troia remain has been the forfeiture of absolute authority of Bible in the final analysis.

      Therefore, it is reasonable one of the story with Bible text. It is the best conceivable that a large number of memories can be created from legend in the human mind. And this analysis provides an explanation as why European mental world should have the terrible of Schliemann's work and sway by the misgiving for conception.

     In a very real sense, I am sure that this conception could be a historical event a mater of time. This drama has come to its final stage. I have a plan.
A framework of Genesis in the Bible consists of the following form.
1) Adam and Chava (Eve)
2) God of Yahweh (Jehovah)

     It is beyond question that Adam and Eve are shown in Fig.1) is by far the oldest legend in the humankind. Because for action of sex, a man and a woman know to distinguish between male and female as it is fact they have an eye for it. By action of sex, I am sure that it could be to make love a man and a woman, to give birth to, to pass the touch as next generation into the human on the history basis. Not to say, we are now an essential part of recognition.
In legend, what name should call for a first man and a first woman, depend more on our qualifications for nation, language, or region to be different.
     Admittedly, for example, India is Uedas (Ubai) and Upanishads (Ubasoku). They appear on the scene where they are preached the Buddha with behalf of follower in the Buddhist scripture. But, they are originally Gods of noble nature on Hinduism. As the Gods of Uedas and Upanishads are closed and worshiped with the local people are preached Buddha, it is guaranteed how Buddha is a marvelous person. Buddhist scriptures have construction for it. Now, native people always are smitten by a melancholy sense of form rather than contexts a sermon. The bottom-line is the wretched shallowness for an average man's thinking. This is a flat fact.
     As for set in Japan, "Descent from Heaven" legend is similar, too. Amateru (Heaven-Shining-Great-August-Deity, Amaterasu-oomi-kami) commanded his grandson Ninigi-no-mikoto (Augustness Heaven's-Prince-Rice-ear-Ruddy-Plenty) for Descend from Heaven. He dispatched to the Central Land of Reel-Plains. At this time Saruta-hiko have come humbly to meet him and respectfully offer myself as Ninigi's vanguard.
As Saruta-hiko serves as a foil for Ninigi, Ninigi must be impressively a great man who Saruta-hiko respectfully was able to myself as his vanguard. A story of "Descend from Heaven" has its construction.
Saruta-hiko let Ninigi dominated him and make him into virtual errand-boy.
     This is a way of securing a maximum of dramatic impact around the people. At that time, as a story of Descend from Heaven of a role of Saruta-hiko had an important with Ninigi hand-me-downs.
Nevertheless, Saruta-hiko is the oldest main God before Amateru on Japan archipelago with Kyusyu by having a huge number of the Saruta-hiko cult of vestiges, as Saru means "the sun shines" by the Ryukyu Islands. Saruta-hiko was a career god by a huge number of tradition.
     By the way Saruta-hiko plays the role of steering committee as same as Ubasoku and Ubai. Actually, both are the host gods from time immemorial.
     Out of a body of a massive material emerged a contour of the fact, the same rule holds true.

     In another way, in Japan a male and a female god are Izanagi and Izanami. "gi" means a male, and "mi" means a female, and "isana" means whale. Because Izanagi and Izanami appear on the scene of Land Birth Myth, they assign to Primary God like an Adam and Eve. Notes these samples, all of the people each have Adam and Eve. To be exactly the number of couple gods like Adam and Eve has a civilization of each.Similarly, the community of the corner area of the Middle and Near East in desert has legend of Adam and Eve.
     In this paper, we report on a female and a male god to guess right with Adam and Eve.

     By the contract, God of Yahweh is shown in Fig.2) is newcomer god by being slow coming. At least, it is say that the book of Genesis comes into existence about 3000B.C. with Yahweh of absolute god created. But, it is the late date of 3000 B.C. in the generality of humankind. It is the late date to be 5,000 years ago, as go back 8,000 years ago with a viewpoint from the history of human in the 3,000,000 B.C. or 300,000 B.C. Because it is a very long time by having a timescale of hundreds thousands of years the Polytheism Age in the human beings. Then, it is advantage to from Polytheism to Monotheism. For example as in Greek halfway, stop over at Twelfth Gods from polytheistic gods as nations and religions of each in progress.It is the grave course of a logical consequence on the all that unified a monotheistic god from a huge number of gods having a unique power a single sample.
     On top of all that we would hope for god end in itself is a unit god of Yahweh for instance.
(We think extremely abstract for newcomer god of Allah. It denied worshiping at more abstraction at form of a sage and a picture of god. None of picture with a saint or a god is permit. )

     This newcomer god of Yahweh has long been considering the story of Genesis in relation to a time-honored god of Adam and Eve; This newcomer God of Yahweh is linked up with a time-honored god of Adam and Eve in Genesis. As this story is formed in the 3,000 B.C., it is a new story of the Bible in the human. That is the best possible scenario for them. Of course, I meant it as a compliment,it is not mean worthless in terms of new. For the reason, we have been loved to recite a Genesis as not only new brainwork product but also human best work.

     This best work of Genesis is engraved on seal of the historical evidence with a period of time and a space zone.
" God created man [Heb., Adam] in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." According to this account, Adam was absolutely the first man whom God created. He was formed out of the dust of the earth (hence his name, which means "red earth"), and God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and gave him dominion over all the lower creatures (Gen. 1:26; 2:7).
(For example, partly Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Adam and Eve)

     It is say that Absolute God of Yahweh created the world, created all object and living beings and created man in his own image, and then command to rule over all living beings in for human in the head of Genesis. In this story the progress of an affair is desirable for human being, it is seeing that human patronized by Absolute God of Yahweh.
If the animal were read in Genesis, they would be not only disgust, but also angry. "Don't create a favorable god for human being." As favorable they were no read as Bible written by human language, we have been to live in peace. But by reading them, we would create a disturbance for animal. However, it is only natural that the argument in Genesis is under the impression a corner of the Middle and Near East in desert about 3,000 B.C. Since loading an invention of a bow and arrow, we have been a period that the human predominate to escape injury from. In fact, we can do anything we like with an animal or living being. It is formulated to justify by an errant human liberty action with Absolute God of Yahweh to create by human as an ideological donor. We could do no wrong for using their god for an excuse.
     So far, it is too long in the Polytheism in the past, as if all object and living beings with nature have each God, we could not have our own way for them. Nevertheless, in the future, Absolute God of Yahweh stands surety for human freely.
     Against this conception, it is to say that if Absolute God of Yahweh would command to rule over all living beings in for human, we would not destroy the circumstance freely. As if we now were to write at Genesis in Bible, God would be told for it. But, it is not only correct, but also misinterpret for Bible. By any chance, God of Yahweh no says that the human has been no destroyed nature environmental. As telling of Genesis itself, it says that Absolute God of Yahweh gave human dominion over all the lower creatures, it is no stress that human has been destroyed no nature environmental. In fact, as Development of European world, it is shown that they do the destruction of the environment.
     In now we have been to come out for a correction note in the Bible.

     It is next question for Twenty-four times year of Age almanac. In Genesis, there are the history of the generations of Adam and the others.
Adam ; nine hundred thirty years
Seth ; nine hundred twelve years
Enosh ; nine hundred five years
Kenan ; nine hundred ten years
(in Genesis)

     As we are aware of outrageous years, but it is near-natural conditions for us. It is a key question of a unit for life count. It is established a standard for waxing of the moon. Age one is from a new moon to a full moon through new crescent. It is established another standard for waning of the moon. One another age is from a full moon to a new moon through old crescent. Age two is equal to one month at present. Age twenty-four is equal to one year at present. Because age one thousand is nearly same forty-two years old. Age nine hundred is about thirty-eight years old. "All the days of Enosh were nine hundred five years, then he died." At present, he was dead about thirty-eight years old early.
     By seeing at upper table, it was no gained forty years old their life age. I sank in thoughts to enter into his' troubles for caustic life in desert. Compare to forty -five years old (eighty or ninety years old of twice times years of Age almanac in Wajin-den) in Japan A.D.300, it is natural to think for thirty-eight years old about 3000 B.C. in desert.
Why do they take an almanac on a waxing and waning of the moon foundation?
     This question is answered to the political climate in desert. You can see to a moon from anywhere in desert. We watch to a waxing and waning of the moon to anywhere. Because, it is a common unit of time for a waxing and waning of the moon in Genesis.
     And then, there is None Age on the way. After that next step is for Twelve times year of Age almanac. The method used in this study is the same as that discussed earlier.
Shem ; five hundred years
Arpachshad ; four hundred three years
Shelah ; four hundred three years
Eber ; four hundred thirty years
(in Genesis)

     Absolute value of human life is fixed. It is changing for a way of counting from Twenty-four times year of Age almanac to Twelve times year of Age almanac. A waxing and waning of the moon is age one. Age one equals a month at present. Age twelve equal one year at present.
     In fact, it is shown to distinguish between Twenty-four times years of Age almanac and Twelve times year of Age almanac in calendar year. It is a foundation to civilization in calendar year. As it is to decide a calendar year, we will not see you or opening a celebration.
     In Bible it is compiled a material of the solar calendar. Now it is for one year (of age). Because we understand that a different civilization of material mixed in Bible for human precious sources.

     As the intellectual world, the Bible is engraved on seal of the same period at 3,000 B.C. Absolute of God Yahweh is god for a favorite with man.
" Summary
Adam and Eve

     God formed Adam out of earth ("adama"), and set him in the Garden of Eden, to watch over it. Adam allowed to eat of all fruit within it, except that of the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil." God then bring all the animals to Adam, to serve as company for him. Adam gives names to all the animals, but finds no comfort in his loneliness. God then puts him into a deep sleep, takes a rib from his side, and it forms a woman (called later "Eve"), to be a companion.
     Eve is seduced by a serpent to eat of the forbidden fruit; Eve convinces Adam to eat it as well. As punishment they are driven out of Eden."
     (For example, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. in Genesis)

     It is seeming a frivolous Eve of such an imprudence accident for Forfeiture of Eden. But from the distant past as it forms Eve to takes a rib from Adam side, it is handling with an accessory of man for her. It is to say that she was could form with a rough way of making to seduce by a serpent for such frivolous reasons. In any case, it is clear to gender differentiation in Bible at 3,000 B.C. This Bible is an accurate reflection of the time to gender differentiation in 3,000 B.C. Absolute of God Yahweh is produced by community to be filled form gender differentiation by the Genesis.
     It is a same question of Japanese chronicles with Kojiki and the most Description of Nihongi in that point on the scene of Land Birth Myth. Female Deity has failed in Land Birth to spoke first. The next Male Deity has succeeded in Land Birth to spoke first. This conception has contempt for female clearly. After all, Bible and Nihongi is the same period of the world of thought from the history of human with deviating from thousands of year or hundreds year.

and next, Izanagi no Mikoto and Izanami no Mikoto."
The two Deities thereupon descended and dwelt in this island. Accordingly they wished to become husband and wife together, and to produce countries.
So they made Ono-goro-jima the pillar of the centre of the land.
Now the male deity turning by the left, and the female deity by the right, they went round the pillar of the land separately. When they met together on one side, the female deity spoke first and said: "How delightful! I have met with a lovely youth." The male deity was displeased, and said: - "I am a man, and by right should have spoken first. How is it that on the contrary thou, a woman, shouldst have been the first to speak? This was unlucky. Let us go round again." Upon this the two deities went back, and having met anew, this time the male deity spoke first, and said : - "How delightful! I have met a lovely maiden."
Then he inquired of the female deity, saying : - "In thy body is there aught formed? " She answered, and said : - "In my body there is a place which is the source of femineity." The male deity said : - "In my body again there is a place which is the source of masculinity. I wish to unite this source-place of my body to the source-place of thy body." Hereupon the male and female first become united as husband and wife.
In one writing it is said : - "The female Deity spoke first and said : - 'How pretty! a handsome youth!' Now it was considered unlucky that the female Deity should have spoken first. Accordingly they went round again, when the male Deity spoke first and said: "How pretty ! a lovely maiden!" Postemo cupiebant coire, sed artis nescii erant. Tum erat motacilla quae advolavit, atque concussit suum caput et suam caudam. Quod cum vidissent duo Dei, imitati sunt eam, et in hoc modo artem coeundi potiti sunt.
In one writing it is said : - "The female Deity spoke first and said : - 'How pretty! a lovely youth!' She forthwith took the hand of the male Deity, and they at length became husband and wife. There was born to them the island of Awaji, and next the leech-child."
(NIHONGI Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest to A.D. 697 translated from the original Chinese and Japanese by W.G. ASTON P10)

     In addition the other problem is worthy of note in Nihongi over. Female Deity spoke first and has succeeded in Land Birth. This conception is too different for else.
     As well known as it is Zyoumon period that female is superior to the male like a Dogu (earthen figurine) to be the breast of the woman. This is a patent fact. Because, thought of Nihongi Tenth has the original conception. An else description is shown a revised edition later by surpass male. The else description for Land Birth Myth of Nihongi is the same period of the world of thought in the Genesis. It was probably early for advantage in term of male to switch policies in dessert from Japan archipelagos. In evidence, it is a man of Mose in Bible.
     At all event, it is not only a target range but also same period of 3000.B.C in Genesis and A.D. 700 in Nihongi in the whole range of human history. In addition, Nihongi had been written to legend before Bible.

     I am sure that such a sacred script is engraved on seal of the historical evidence with a period of time and space zone. None of all sacred scripts has an exception. For example in Islam, all picture of figure and face have no representation as a stone statue and pictorial art. What is this? By suggested in Bible, the origin of the Bible is entirely for the sake of Jew. But in Islam for new-commer God of Allah, Muhammad is aware of the fact a target of people for a tribe in desert as being a merchant with the first half of his life in the six century. If which a member of a tribe would copy after a model around Muhammad, they have been unpersuaded for it. I am sure that it is the fixed the position of a period of time and space zone. But out of doubt, an ideology of Muhammad itself is a product of abstract idea by essence of a unit of God by inquiring into god nature closely without worry about what others might think. To show up a God of Allah, the then affair, is suitable with a period of time and space zone in A.D. 600 at desert. Because, I am sure that Qur'an is naturally a child of the age.

     On the occasion when they violently accused Jesus of a child born out of wedlock with Mary, they had been make a laughingstock by fabricating an achievement for Jesus. It had been to be vogue such a trick. Besides recently, It has been carried on massive propaganda for ant-religion in Soviet of public. But it is childish for them. Because it is fading away for them with breaking up of the Soviet Union.
     On the other hand, it is an important issue analyzing and judging on the role that religion has played in the history of humankind from an alternative perfective.
     Because a religion is not only a great treasure, but also a precious trace of soul. For example when I come back to a paragraph in the Bible, I commit to memory like a Jesus with by beat high with a delight as interest in human beings. Yes, it must live for or die in like a Jesus for the young and alive. When almost all of people would be forgotten to Jesus, I only would have always been in my mind in Jesus. As I have some knowledge of Muhammad, he proved us to be a divine power for the human to a change of in direction of strong powerful from merchant with the first half of his life.
     But, a presence of religion has been caused massive losses to the human being in Israel, Yugoslav, England, and Japan. It is thinking so that we are painfully aware harm above grave on the globe. We could have been wreak destruction a Religion Wall of the our mentality although to see Berlin Walls by be destroyed. We will have an urgent task if whether we conquer Religion Wall or not for twenty-one century. Because none of God produces Human, Human produces God.
     As there is a saying that an onlooker commands a better view sometimes, let me give you a piece of my mind. The West had it too good too long in the name of God. Such conceit should not to be tolerated for them. I shall do nothing in malice. What I deal with is too vast for malicious dealing.
In over the seventy years of age, I have been grappled with these problems a deep calmness.

          Sincerely yours,
                                   Takehiko Furuta

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