Recognition of Human Beings

Furuta Takehiko

Translation: Fujisawa Toru
Proofreading: Kenneth Anderson


---Broken rifles and distorted earth, the remains of dead soldiers---
(Poem by Tanigawa Shuntaro, Song by Ishikawa Seri)


    In facing the twenty-first century, there are three challenges to the mission of the human race:
    The first challenge is religion. Religion was born among humans. For what purpose?  Of course, for the sake of human beings themselves. Religion was created for the people to have happy and meaningful lives.
    However, religion has become arrogant. Religionists have the illusion that they possess the right to kill people and feel their dogma justified in giving the order to kill. Their dogma have intoxicated them. Convinced that they have absolute power, an indulgence granted them by religion, they are no longer afraid to kill.
    In looking back at human history, we can see the fact that "holy" wars slaughtered innumerable numbers of people, leaving heaps of corpses. Undoubtedly, religion has gone too far.
    The 1995 cult incidents which shocked the Japan archipelago could conceivably be considered trivial in view of the heaps of corpses strewn throughout the wasteland of human history.
    Now, however, we must announce that humans created religion, not vice versa; therefore, religionists should not be arrogant and assume that they have the power to kill people.



    The second challenge is science. Its remarkable developments have created a religion of science, a drunken state of mind. Not a few "intellectuals" believe in science as an alternative religion. Their belief has influenced the general public.
    As a matter of fact, the appraisal of science depends on its use. Take for example the Nazis. They committed genocide through the use of new technology: the gas chamber. The Nazis were originally a party of laborers in Austria with Christian principles dedicated to humanistic causes. They used the "latest scientific facilities" to annihilate "Judaists" and "atheists" as the last remaining non-Christians in Europe.
    Science is ugly so far. Nothing is uglier than science if it is used to achieve ugly ends. It is like a kitchen knife. It can be used to help make the best cooking. Or it can be used for murder.
    Scientist must not forget an essential fact when they have a kitchen knife in their hands: People created science, not vice verse. Science is beautiful when this is remembered. It is more beautiful than anything else.



    The third challenge is the state. We owe allegiance to the state in life, culture, and education. There is no doubt about that. Therefore, a false assumption was born: that the state should exist for the sake of the state. Therefore, the state at present has the supreme right to kill people. This is a principle espoused among many modern states.
    However, we must also remember that humans created the state, not vice versa. In short, the state is yet another human-made tool.
    Therefore, the state can gain the right to murder or to drug its own subjects. As an example, the Nazis were able to create the Third Reich as a result of their obtaining the power of the state. Religion, science, the state --- these three have been the source of outrageous use of power.
    In the case of 1995 Aum cult incident in Japan, the number of victims was limited because the cult failed to take over the state.
    I cannot help shedding tears when I am reminded of one of the victims: a baby child who was killed and buried in the Chubu mountains.
    I repeat that the number of victims was limited only because the cult was not yet able to overturn the state. If, in future, another cult succeeds in abusing the power bestowed by religion, science, the state, tens of thousands of children will be buried underground. What happened twice will happen thrice. It is easy to imagine that the future ability by science to commit genocide will far exceed its power in the days of the Nazis or of the 1995 Aum cult. The Nazis used the indoor gas chamber; the 1995 cult used gas is residential areas and in a subway. In the future, what will happen?   The possibilities horrify us.
    The state is a marvelous human tool; but it can also turn into a formidable weapon. We know that the Nazis were able to use this weapon as a result of their success in obtaining a majority in the polls. The democratic system ironically gave birth to dictatorship.
    In facing the twenty-first century, we must firmly denounce the arrogation of unlawful power by the state. And we must continue to do so. The advance of science, one of the three sources of power, is progressing rapidly. Society must be strong enough to control it.
    It is definitely the human task to solve the challenges of the arrogance of abuse of power by religion, science, and state.



    The arrogation of power by the state start from the "brainwashing" of a nation. Above all, it focuses on the control of history.
    The state fabricates history as it likes. History thus made will be made into the pillar of what is called a "legitimate education," thus creating a robot nation which will bow to its preferences.
All modern state act this way. In the case of our own country, one fabrication is the "Imperial History View" of the prewar days, which advocated the supremacy of Japanese history over and above the rest of the world's. Another is the "Emperor-centered hagiography," still being espoused after Japan's defeat in World War II.
    Above all, such state education blinds most of the robot nation, whose members are not even aware of the fact that they are drifting in a treacherous stream. This cannot be emphasized too much.
    Any commercial propaganda seems amateurish when compared to the commercial message of the state.
    First of all, commercial message are overt, in the eyes of the public, whether they be on TV, in newspapers, or in handbills.
    However, people are not aware of the fact that the state education promulgated by the modern state constitutes a huge system of hidden commercial messages, even though this is a plain fact. Therefore, the effect of the state's commercial messages are so great that they have deeply infiltrated the nation's psyche.



    For a example, in the case of Yamatai-koku, according to the Wajin-den, a Chinese history of Japan and Japanese in the third century, silk was apparently the most important present sent from the Chinese Emperor to the Japanese Empress Himika. In contrast to other presents such as gold and copper mirrors, which are lumped together in one general description, silk is written about in more detail.
    And indeed silk from the Yayoi Period (including the third century) has been found along the Bay of Hakata all the way from Arita (where the oldest silk has been found) to Tonoharu (where the most recent examples of silk have been discovered.)
    Please refer to A New History of Ancient Japan published by Shinsensya and There was no Yamatai-koku, a revised and enlarged edition published by the Asahi Library. Both books were written by Furuta Takehiko, the writer of this thesis.
    The geographical location of the Yamatai-koku country is obvious whether you call it Yamaichi-koku, in accordance with the original Chinese text, or Yamatai-koku in distorted texts.
    Why is it that state-approved school textbooks avoid the mention of silk and unanimously declare that the location of Yamatai-koku has not yet been determined? It is because if they did, the Imperial Family-oriented View of History, including the Imperial Supremacy View of History advocated since the Meiji Era, will prove contradictory and inconsistent.
    There is no reason for this avoidance of fact other than the demands of the brainwashing policy of the state, by the state, and for the state, which is contradictory and inconsistent with the truth.



    There are admittedly attempts to get around the above dilemma with statements such as this: Chikugo-Yamato in Kyushu has been mentioned as an alternative to Yamatai-koku in postwar textbooks. What else can they do? If one refers to the Bay of Hakata, which is not mentioned in textbooks, and you blame the fact that it is not mentioned in textbooks on the state-approved history of the Imperial Family, you may be labeled by the state as subjective and egoistic.
    However, my arguments do not end with either the theory of Yamatai-koku or the location of the Bay of Hakata. My readers know this.
    As mentioned in my Criticism of Nihon Shoki published by Shinsensya, there is agreement between descriptions of the above mentioned historical books with archeological finds. The Kutojo, a Chinese history book on Japan depicts Wa-koku as situated in Chikushi, an old name for Fukuoka Prefecture which continued to be used till the end of the seventh century. Furthermore, excavated wooden pieces of letter indicated that the change from "hyo" to "gun" (names of administrative areas) was at the end of the seventh century. Is this a mere coincidence?  No. It is a reflection of the actual happenings of history. If this agreement between historical record and archeological finds is deemed a coincidence, the study of history is turned into a fiction, far from historical truth.
    I cannot but say that state's brainwashing policy has been illogical and poorly conceived ever since the Meiji Era.
    The Ecclesiastical Calendar which medieval church education made possible and circulated to justify the idea of the Christian God's control of the universe was defeated and destroyed in the face of the truth of Galileo's heliocentric theory.
    Similarly, the Imperial Calendar of Japan is no more consistent with historical fact and the operation of time than the Church's policies were.
    In the same way that Galileo was persecuted, a sect approving of the Imperial Calendar has been making vain efforts to ignore, persecute, and slander us in order to extinguish us.
    Nevertheless, as Galileo's theories clarified the operation of the universe in detail, rebuttal and denial of the Imperial Calendar will indubitably reveal the real footprints of our ancestors.
    This is by all means a starting point for the recognition of human reason, of, for, and by human beings, so that brainwashing by the state can be terminated, and what has happened twice will not happen thrice.
(Originally Written on December 31, 1995)

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